Monday, December 17, 2007

Week One and Halloween

The first week home with Champ was crazy! We had a lot of help though, both my parents and Seth's parents came up to see Champ and help where they could. They fed us, cleaned our house, did all our laundry and finished all our little projects that we couldn't get completed in time. I don't think we could have made it without them and we are so grateful they made the trip up! Below are pictures of Champ's first week home and his Halloween.

We had two of our good couple friends and their kids over to carve pumpkins (before we had Champ). We had a great time, but unfortunately didn't take very many pictures because our hands were so gross from the pumpkin guts. But above is a picture of the food, I put dry ice in the drink to make it a spooky potion. :)
Our friend Holly and her 10mth old daughter, Cambria, getting ready to carve pumpkins.
Our friend's little boy, Ammon, playing on the couch and getting ready to decorate his pumpkin.
The back of Champ's Halloween "costume," soo cute!
We had a very low key Halloween. Both Champ and I were exhausted and slept all night while Seth handed out candy. Although we didn't sleep very well because of the door bell, we had crazy trick-or-treaters this year.
Little Champ getting ready to leave the hospital with a binky in his mouth (he hardly ever takes a binky now.) He's so dang cute!!
Abby holding Champ. She loves her cousin and always asks if she can hold him or help rock him to sleep. She says, " Tia, if I wash my hands and put the germ stuff on can I hold baby Champ?"
Seth about to take a nap with little Champ.
My dad holding Grant when he and Abby arrived on Friday.
I guess Seth needed a break from changing diapers and created a money game and was trying to teach Abby about money. They had a great time. I can't wait to see what kind of games he comes up with next.

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Babbel Family said...

So fun to see all those pictures. Keep it up! Write everything down because you will be amazed at the things you forget!