Monday, December 17, 2007

One Month!!

The pictures below are when Champ was a month old. Here is a quick summary of Champs first month.

1. He had his first diaper blowout his second day home.
2. We brought him home on Thursday and by Friday afternoon I took him to the doctors because I thought his wee was infected (Seth insisted he be circumcised), but of course it was perfectly fine and I was being an over protective mother.
3. By the second week, I had been peed on three times and pooped on once.
3. By his two week checkup he had gained almost two full pounds over his birth weight.
3. He began smiling at two weeks.
4. He started rolling over at three weeks (front to back). I couldn't believe it! I thought it was an accident so I put him on his tummy again to see if he could duplicate the movement and he did!!
5. He will stand up on his legs for a few seconds if you keep him balanced.
6. For almost a full month I slept on the couch or futon and he slept with me or in his swing.
7. We did everything we said we would never to do keep him happy.
8. We thought he might have colic
9. He wouldn't take a binky
10. He ate every two hours until just this last week.
11. He was awake and alert all the time, he would NOT sleep for anything!! In fact, I got wicked sick from not getting enough sleep.
12. He knows by how you hold him if you are trying to put him to sleep or not.
13. When you hold him he has to be facing out so he can see whats going on otherwise he will cry.
14. He used to hate having his diaper changed, but now he loves it.
Champ with Grandpa Kevin at Thanksgiving. As you can see Grandpa is holding him facing out to prevent crying. :)
Champ and Grandpa Kevin again.
One month pic
This is actually a three week picture, but I'll keep it here anyways. At three weeks Champ would do Power Ranger/karate moves with his arms when ever you laid him down.
Getting ready to go over to the Edwards for Thanksgiving dinner.

This is a classic Champ look! He lifts his eyebrows high and wrinkles his forehead when he sees something interested.
Our family picture when he was one month old. I'm actually surprised they turned out how they did. Seth and I got ready in the car and Champ was being the devil. Hopefully Mindy or Jan will be in town the next time we need our family pictures taken!

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