Sunday, December 30, 2007

At The Hospital

Below are a few more pics from Champ's birth. My mom was with me the whole week. She came to Utah on Monday to help move things along after I had been having crazy back labor all Saturday and Sunday (Champ was posterior.) We went to the hospital late Monday night, but I was turned away because I was not progressing fast enough (I was sooo mad.) I had a doctors appointment Tuesday morning and had dilated quite a bit, so we knew Champ would be coming soon. I think I walked the whole of every store in Utah with my mom (Seth went climbing the whole day) until about 6:30 pm when we decided that it was time to go to the hospital. When we got there I found out Dr. Jones was on call and I was so excited. I really wanted Dr. Jones to be my Dr. throughout the whole pregnancy, but he wasn't accepting any new patients at the time so I went with Dr. Smith instead. Anyways, Dr. Jones admitted me, YEAH!! and after no sleep for the past few days I gave up on my hypnobirthing and asked for an epidural. Both Seth and my mom said I was much nicer once I had the epidural, and I have to admit I think they were right. :) Now that I look back on it was actually quite funny. Anyways, they gave me the drugs, I feel asleep and when the nurse woke me up it was almost time to push. I ended up pushing for about 25 minutes and was relieved/overjoyed when they placed him on my chest. He was and still is beautiful!! I guess I was kind of out of it and didn't realize how purple he was and was upset when they took him from me so quickly. However, I am very thankful for the great nurses and doctors who took such good care of Champ when he was in trouble. We feel very blessed to have had such a great staff working that night!! My mom holding Champ at the hospital when he was only a few hours old. We love you mom and are so greatful that you were able to be there with!!
They hooked me up to an IV since I opted for an epidural and all the liquid made me crazy swollen. I can't believe I'm posting this picture, but you can see how swollen I got from just a few hours of being on the IV.
This is a picture of the ice pack they give you to sit on after giving birth. Yep, its a rubber glove filled with ice cubes....talk about uncomfortable.
I have never in my life had "cankles" until after I gave birth!! I was soooo swollen. I weighed significantly more after I gave birth from all the fluid they gave me than I did before I gave birth!!! Talk about depressing!
Here is a picture of my little angle and the cute name card they made him. The nursing staff was amazing!!

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Lizzy said...

Tia, he is so cute! I almost forgot his name was Grant. I am so happy you updated your blog!