Friday, September 14, 2007

10 Things you might not know about me and Seth...

Because I thought Sarah’s list was so funny, I decided that Seth and I needed a list too! Hopefully Seth likes his list. :)


He loves watermelon and can eat a whole one by himself if you let him.

He is good at everything and is fiercely competitive.

His secret ambition is to be a cowboy/ bull rider.

He loves popsicles especially the cheap kind, and juice. He has a popsicles almost everyday after work and has to have lots of juice to drink when he’s done with any physical activity.

No matter how stupid or bad a movie or TV show is, he has to see it through to the end (its part of his obsessive compulsive disorder).

He secretly loves short running shorts! If you look at pictures of him and all his running buddies, especially the Stanford ones, they all have short shorts on! It’s been a topic of discussion before and Leann and I have decided that some of his shorts are even too short for us! To his credit though, he looks good in his short shorts!

He makes me laugh everyday, even when I’m soo mad.

He’s going to be the best dad ever! You probably already knew that though.

He sings along with the music in the car.

He loves game systems of any kind, but X-Box is his favorite. He can play video games non-stop for hours and hours (also part of his obsessive compulsive disorder).


If I could, I would go to both cosmetology and culinary school.

My toe nails have to be polished, and only very rarely will you see them without polish. I’m slightly obsessive compulsive.

I still freak myself out when I’m at home alone at night.

I’ve mowed the lawn more since I’ve been pregnant than ever before in my life.

I love running in the winter when its cold and snowy outside.

I love the smell of coffee and anything else with raspberry, pomegranate or vanilla in it.

I’m pulling for Brittany Spears. Get it together, girl!

People, including Seth and I have called our unborn child “Champ” so often that the name has actually grown on me. It won’t be his official name in the end; however I can see it being like when my parents almost called Danny, Jesse. I’m glad we all missed that tragedy.

I’ve been blonde most of my life, but I really enjoyed being a brunette and will probably go back to the dark side.

I like wearing Seth’s regular shorts even though they are too small for me right now. Sad!


Babbel Family said...

LOL- Britney Spears are you kidding me? She is so far gone! But that was entertaining! Thanks for updating your blog, you are at an all time high for posts!

Lizzy said...

Okay, Tia that was good! I am with you on the britney thing! So fun! You are getting better at this blogging thing!

Edwards. said...

i knew seth liked his short shorts...he always has! funny funny. :) makes me laugh just thinkin about it...haha. love it